Identifying Fraud, Waste and Abuse (FWA)

FirstCare's Special Investigations Unit (SIU)

By helping us identify healthcare FWA, you help avoid reduced benefits, higher taxes, increased premiums, and more expensive doctor visits and prescriptions.

What is Fraud, Waste and Abuse?

Provider Fraud, Waste and Abuse

Recipient Fraud, Waste and Abuse

Individuals may try to game the system to receive money and/or benefits they don't deserve.  It is a crime to commit insurance fraud, and people can lose their benefits and be prosecuted.

Detecting and Preventing Fraud, Waste and Abuse

Want to help uncover and stop wrongful billing practices? Keep a record of your medical treatment.

Potential Schemes Related to COVID-19

Scammers are using telemarketing, text messages, door-to-door visits as well as social media to conduct their fraudulent activities. These individuals are offering COVID-19 tests, grants and prescription cards in exchange for personal information to benefit themselves and harm the public.

Privacy Questions or Concerns?

Questions or concerns about your rights to privacy under HIPAA or Notice of Privacy Practices? Call the Compliance Helpline at 1-866-399-8161 or write to:
Compliance Officer
1206 West Campus Drive
Temple, TX 76502

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